Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our goal is to help secure the web from prying eyes. All future updates will be made immediately available to all supported hardware.
Not at all! All your data is fully encrypted as it leaves your network and travels to your chosen endpoint. That means nobody outside of your network can view that information, including us. Your private key is generated on your device and never leaves it. Nobody but you and the person you're communicating with can read your data.
The automatic installation process should work for most "normal" home networks. For those that don't work automatically there's a simple manual fallback process by logging into your existing router. If you're setup is more complicated and want to chat about the technical challenges of VLANs, Static IPs and DHCP servers with our resident nerds feel free to drop us a line!
Our knowledgebase should be able to answer most questions that arise in the normal use of our products, but if the need arises, drop us a line on the contact form and a real human will try to help you sort out any questions you might have.
We always offer a 100% money back refund for any Snoop Defender hardare you purchase from us, and there is absolutely no long-term contract for the service.
It'd be faster to list those who are NOT tracking your every move on the internet. The companies you get internet from (Comcast, Cox, CenturyLink, Spectrum, TimeWarner, etc.) have all been suspected of tracking their users, quite a few admit it outright and sever have gone so far as to modify the webpages their customers visit in order to display their own content. Government entities collect massive quantities of data for their own purposes, while many corporations track people in order to do everything from targeting ads to determining credit-worthiness.